Volleyball, one of the ball sports, originated in the United States.

In 1895, a sports instructor named William Morgan invented it in Holyoke, Massachusetts (formerly known as the Province of Ma).

At that time, tennis and basketball were very popular. Mr. Morgan believed that basketball was too intense and tennis lacked sufficient activity. He sought a moderately active and entertaining indoor game suitable for people of all ages and genders. He envisioned moving tennis indoors and playing it on a basketball court using hands instead of rackets. Initially, he hung a tennis net on a basketball court and played using a basketball, similar to tennis.

However, he made some improvements due to the small indoor basketball court size and the ball frequently going out of bounds. Firstly, he changed the rule not to allow the ball to touch the ground before being hit back. Secondly, he enlarged the size of the tennis ball. Thirdly, basketballs were too large and heavy for the intended gameplay, so he tried using a basketball bladder. However, basketball bladders were too light and difficult to control in the air.

Despite this, they worked well in trials, so he adopted them. Even though the international standard ball has undergone numerous improvements over the past century, its specifications are almost identical to the first-generation ball.

This new sport, volleyball, was introduced to the public in 1896 during a meeting of the Young Men's Association Physical Education Directors held in Springfield, Massachusetts. Students from the Training School demonstrated the game to the audience, winning their admiration and praise.

The first public volleyball match was held in Springfield, Massachusetts, that same year, marking the world's first volleyball game. Initially, the game was played with five players on each side. Since then, this new sport has rapidly gained popularity in schools worldwide.

Major Events

The three major events in world volleyball are the World Championships, World Cup, and the Olympics. Among these, the first two are specialized volleyball events.

The Volleyball World Championships are the highest-level events in volleyball and the oldest volleyball competition. It features the most teams, the longest duration, and a rigorous and demanding competition format. Many traditional volleyball powerhouses attach great importance to the World Championships because of its prestige.

The Volleyball World Cup is the youngest of the three major events. Since 1991, it has gradually become a qualifier for the Olympics. It has also influenced the rhythm of international volleyball competitions, including off years, major World Championships years, World Cup qualifiers, and Olympic years.

The Olympics is the most famous sporting event globally, second only to the FIFA World Cup. The significance of any Olympic event is unique because the Olympics have become a national mission for many countries.

Since its inception in 1895, volleyball has had a one-hundred-year history. From being a game and entertainment for a few people, volleyball has evolved into one of the world's most popular sports, enjoyed by people on all five continents.