In the past, people rode bicycles to reach farther places more quickly. An increasing number of urban dwellers, caught in fast-paced lifestyles, are slowing down through cycling.

Pedaling through cities, momentarily breaking free from linear routines, they experience the subtle changes between themselves and the environment, earnestly exploring tangible details of life.

Departing to reconnect with reality, cycling allows them to move spontaneously in the present moment.

Seemingly overnight, the emergence of cyclists on streets and lanes redirects attention to the "unassuming" bicycle. Over the 200 years since its inception, cycling has evolved from a leisurely pursuit of the aristocracy to a mass-produced means of transportation for the common folk.

From the collective memory of every person owning a bicycle in the 1970s and 1980s to a decline in popularity with the advent of more modern modes of transport like cars, and now resurfacing in our consciousness, cycling embodies new significance.

While most cycling enthusiasts start as commuters, cycling transcends being merely a means of transport compared to cars, electric bikes, and public transit. It aligns with eco-conscious principles, serves urbanites' fitness needs, and embodies a diversity of benefits—especially post-pandemic, the enthusiasm for nature and outdoor activities surges, explaining the growing participation in cycling. Cyclists are ubiquitous on city streets, suburban paths, or mountain roads.

A study in Europe and America once found that those who cycle to work tend to be happier, as our mode of transport often influences our mood and psychological well-being. There's a close correlation between commuting mode and various psychological experiences. Cycling puts us in the best emotional state as we venture out.

Cycling has evolved from a sport to a lifestyle and social activity. Despite the proliferation of bicycles and gear, the essence of cycling doesn't lie in the equipment itself.

When feet lightly press the pedals and rolling wheels turn moving air into a gentle breeze, we witness the environment flow by, smell the scents of flowers and earth, and hear the bustling of people and vehicles. This immersive sensory experience, this brief abandonment of information and data, simply relishing the journey itself, captivates cyclists.

Cycling truly integrates into cyclists' lives as a symbol of rediscovered value. No one can resist the allure of a healthy body and a spirit liberated by freedom. Even if some people only cycle to capture a few picturesque moments, it expresses and releases life's meaning.

Just bring a positive attitude; even without a fancy road bike, unlocking a shared bike allows anyone to experience the joy of cycling anytime, anywhere. Why not start tomorrow, for the suitable weather, the freedom of riding against the wind, for any reason to embark on a journey?